18 pig outs in hong kong! tai po district

the tai po district (#6) holds dear to my (priscilla) heart because i’ve spent 4 years of my life there. yes, that is where i went to uni, in cuhk. so coming back here brings back a lot of fun and exciting memories, especially this restaurant where my friends and i would come for a late night snack.

#6 tai po district

#6 tai po district

Chan Hon Kee 陳漢記 is known for their beef brisket noodle. they have several selections of brisket cuts, such as regular and boneless short rib. we opted for the boneless short rib for it’s unique balance between flavor and texture. the regular brisket is leaner and beefier, but a bit tough.

tender beef brisket noodle

tender beef brisket noodle

located at G/F, No. 91B Wan Tau Street, Tai Po 大埔運頭街91B地下


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