shanghai wow interview

being in the food and beverage industry is not easy, let alone being a female in such a male dominated profession. so when my wife (priscilla) was chose to be featured in shanghai wow’s article about the superwomen of shanghai’s f&b scene, i was extremely excited and ecstatic for her. here is the link to the article. if the link doesn’t work, you can read the excerpt below.


click here to read the shanghai wow article. it will open a new tab. 


How did you get to where you are now

Jun (my husband) and I started a private kitchen in Hong Kong, as a hobby. We were fortunate to have been discovered by the hotel and invited to run a restaurant with them. I always enjoy writing, so I began writing reviews. That’s how I gathered more attention in the industry. Frankly though, I’d love to explore more about food cultures and knowledge. Being on this documentary filming journey has been inspiring. I wish to share my experience and insights with others. I’m very grateful for the opportunities. I’m still far from my goals, but I’m glad to be moving forward.

Any advice for young women?

I have come to realize successful people might not be the smartest of all, but they are certainly the most focused and persistent. The first step is to understand yourself, and what you want to be. Then focus, and persist. There are countless obstacles, big or small, on the road of life. If you know where your goal is, fall and get back up, and move forward.


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