CCTV: A Journey About Lemons

Much has changed in merely six months. Who would have thought Jun and I would be chosen as the hosts for a lemon documentary? Who would have thought we could plan and open a restaurant in a month?
It is still unbelievable how everything happened. We were very fortunate to have met the talented filming crew and be part of the production team. We did not know what to expect at the beginning, except an in-depth lesson in lemons. Lemon history, lemon culture, lemon variety, lemon production… It turned out that the journey was more about discovering ourselves.
The trip took us to America, Argentina, France, and Italy, and back to China. It was amazing to see the country’s similarities, despite the more noticeable differences. Many well-established lemon producers started as a family business. The world famous Limoneira company is a great example, with a hundred years’ long of history.
Same in Sichuan, the Zhou family has become an important player in the lemon industry for China. The more prominent differences lie in the usage of lemons. Argentineans love meat, and lemons helps cut the heaviness. French created the renowned lemon tart, which is undeniably a must-learn in every French restaurant kitchen.
The Americans turned the fruit into a sweet and tarty summer drink. The Italians made a strong digestive using a unique lemon skin. And the Chinese turned a sleepy village into a booming lemon county.
Jun and I have met so many people on the road, who inspired us to strive for our goal. We came to realise our determination to build a restaurant, which provides a holistic dining experience – not only delicious food, but also excellent coffee and cozy ambience.
Lemon, has become a meaningful fruit to us.

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