18 pig outs in hong kong! sham shui po district

the sham shui po district (#12) is known for its local hong kong food. this is an area where food is still relatively cheap and the variety of hong kong food is vast. so it was definitely tough to pick just one location to eat. but one place stands out every time we think of this district, and it’s a restaurant that offers vietnamese cuisine.

#12 sham shiu po district

#12 sham shiu po district

vietnamese food in hong kong is somewhat disappointing in general. the pho is catered to the local taste buds rather than to the true vietnamese flavors. that’s why we’ve decided to pick nha trang thanh 芽莊城越南牛肉粉. it comes pretty close to the real thing. and we most certainly love their drip coffee!

fatty beef pho

fatty beef pho

located at Shop 10 2/F, Pei Ho Street Market Complex, Sham Shui Po 深水埗北河街市政大樓2樓熟食中心10號


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