homemadeinhk journeys slovenia, part 1

our trip started in italy, where we’ve already spent one week exploring the northern half of the boot-shaped country. having rented a car, we’ve decided to check out the adjacent countries as well. france was an obvious choice, so we avoided it. switzerland did not sound enticing enough. slovenia, however, was intriguing. it’s a place that is virtually unknown to us. and because of this mysteriousness, it’s more the reason to explore what lies east of the italian border.

we began in the northwestern side of slovenia, high up in the julian alps. the scenery changed from boring flat lands to tall picturesque mountains. we entered the country after passing through a ski town in italy called tarvisio. our destination was a tiny village, if you can call it that, of 7 people. yep, 7! and that’s not including us. it is called strmec, a 15 min drive north of a town called bovec. we were immediately mesmerized by the view. it’s something you would see on a postcard or a default screensaver picture. and the best part was, we get to wake up to such breathtaking scenery every morning.

the stunning backdrop in the village that we stayed in.

the stunning backdrop in the village that we stayed in

and speaking of morning. our host, andrej, made us a delicious spread of sliced meat, fresh bread, butter, sheep cheese, eggs, and local honey. the honey was the star of the table. we’ve never tasted honey that was so floral and fragrant, yet balanced in its sweetness. we spread the golden nectar on just about everything, even on our fingers. it was truly relaxing to have breakfast in his peaceful garden, surrounded by silence, fresh air, and blooming flowers.

breakfast in the garden

breakfast in the garden

simple yet delicious food

simple yet delicious food

if you’re a fan of outdoor activities like we are, then bovec is the place to be. we’re talking about hiking, camping, mountain climbing, canyoning, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, the list goes on. everything that you can imagine doing in the great outdoors is here, and this is just for the summer.

rafting down the blue soca river

that’s us rafting down the blue soca river

here’s a video of our experience in this part of slovenia. enjoy!



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