18 pig outs in hong kong! yau tsim mong district

the yau tsim mong district (#14) is one of the most difficult area to pick just one restaurant to feature. that’s because this area holds a lot of amazing restaurants. according to openrice.com, there are more than 3500 restaurants in this district.

#15 eastern district

#14 yau tsim mong district

we do not go out much for dessert much. many of the dessert places in hong kong sell the same items with very little creativity and unimpressive quality. however, this place, hiroshi 宏, pleasantly surprised us with its variety of green tea desserts. in the set that we picked, the pastry chef showcased green tea in 4 delicious forms.

in this dessert set, they serve the green tea ice-cream puff pastry sandwich, green tea swiss roll, green tea macaron, green tea with mochi, and panna cotta

in this dessert set, they serve the matcha ice-cream puff pastry sandwich, matcha swiss roll, matcha macaron, matcha with mochi, and milk panna cotta

located at G/F, The Lamma Commercial Centre, 15 Parkes Street, Jordan 佐敦白加士街15號藍馬商業中心地下


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