garlic snow pea tendrils

we absolutely just love these tender leafy greens. they are a seasonal veggie in hong kong, only sold during the winter time. so when they are available, we try to eat as much as possible before they are off the shelves.

these tendrils come from the snow pea plant. only the very tip of the stem is picked, that’s where the leaves are young and delicate. they don’t last too long after being picked, so that’s why they are slightly pricier than other leafy veggies. but the great thing is that they cook super fast. and it doesn’t take much to make them tasty. though much like spinach, these tendrils are prone to some… shrinkage. so even though they may look a lot when raw, they will reduce half in volume when cooked.

snow pea tendrils 1/2 lb
garlic 3 cloves
shallot 1
oil 3 tbsp
salt 1 tsp

  • wash the tendrils and dry them (either let it air dry or use one of those salad spinners)
  • finely dice the garlic and shallot
  • using a wok or pan, turn heat to high and let it get really hot, to the point where it begins to smoke
  • add the oil and toss in the garlic and shallot to lightly brown (careful there might be some splattering)
  • then throw in all the tendrils and stir fry, mix evenly
  • add the salt (more if necessary), the tendrils are cooked when they are fully wilted, about 1-2 min
freshly bought from the wet market

freshly bought from the wet market

lightly brown the garlic and shallot in a hot pan

lightly brown the garlic and shallot in a hot pan

these greens cook really fast!

these greens cook really fast!

simply too good

simply too good



for extra flavor, add a tsp of soy sauce or a tsp of chicken powder


4 responses to “garlic snow pea tendrils

  1. thanks for the english name. i want to cook asian veggies but 1) i dont know how and 2) i dont know the asian name/english translation so it’s impossible to figure out what’s what!

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