spicy pork belly bulgogi

bulgogi means “fire meat” in korean. and when we think of bulgogi, beef is usually the meat associated with that word. however, pork bulgogi is just as delicious. this is a quick recipe that we whipped up. it’s a little unconventional to marinate it with ketchup and sriracha, but we think it plays very well with the rest of the flavors. we prefer pork belly because, well, we love fat… pork butt or shoulder is a leaner option.

pork belly 1 lb (1/2 kg)
korean red chili paste (gochujang) 2 tbsp
ketchup 1 tbsp
sriracha 1 tbsp
soy sauce 1 tbsp
garlic 2 cloves finely diced
ginger finely diced 1 tbsp
sesame oil 1 tbsp

  • cut the pork belly into thin strips (have your local butcher do this if possible or buy the ones that are pre-cut)
  • combine with all of the ingredients above, mix well, and let it marinate for at least an hour
  • cook over a hot pan with oil, if your pork strips are thinly cut, it should be cooked within 5 minutes (ours were 1/4 inch think and it took about 10 minutes)
get the meat marinated well

get the meat marinated well

sizzle sizzle! grill or pan sear the meat

sizzle sizzle! grill or pan sear the meat

perfect with a shot of soju, or two!

perfect with a shot of soju, or two!



when cooking the pork, it tends to leave a black and burned surface on your pan. if you are cooking the pork in several batches, i recommend you to clean your pan before starting a new batch.


11 responses to “spicy pork belly bulgogi

  1. OMG, I made this for dinner tonight, no kidding! Great minds think alike. Except your version is much better, of course, with sriracha and ketchup. Next time I’ll do that. Still, it was pretty good. All gone, didn’t even have the chance to take photos, lol… Btw, I host a blog party on my site. Just thought I’d mention that we would love for you to join, all the way from HK! It’s called Fiesta Friday. 🙂

    • oh how awesome is that. great culinary minds absolutely do think alike haha.
      yes that sounds great, we would love to be a part of the party! we’ll definitely submit a recipe. we just read the guidelines, sounds simple enough. will do that this week.

    • but that’s what makes your blog so unique, your beautiful homemade italian food!
      btw, we would love to have you on our blogroll if you’re interested in doing a link exchange.

  2. Hey both, i just remembered this website and looking into it. Great tweak and I like it! I usually put some ketchup for those who are not a big fan of spicy chilli but still wanting to enjoy RED spicy.. 🙂 looking forward to our next catch up! (btw, guess who I am.. )

    • based on your comment and your knowledge of korean food, we think we have a pretty good idea of who this is haha. definitely would love to catch up again!

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