hotpot broth

hong kong loves hotpot. we’ve even written an article explaining why. if you want to try it for yourself at home, here’s a very simple soup base to get you started. we prefer using pork bones, such as the knee joint or neck bones. this recipe also doubles as an everyday soup, something to warm your belly on a cold night.

pork bones 1 lb (1/2 kg)
daikon 1 large
corn 2 large
tomato 1 large
bay leaf 4
salt 1 tbsp

  • blanch the pork bones in boiling hot water for about 2 min (this helps remove some of the blood and scum), drain the water
  • rough chop the veggies and toss them in a large stock pot, also add the blanched pork bones, bay leaves, and salt
  • add water to about 3/4 full, for us it was about 3 L of water
  • cover and cook on medium-low heat for about 2 hours (pressure cooker 45 min)
  • after 2 hours, bring the broth to a boil again
  • once boiled, it is ready to be served for hotpot
blanch the bones to remove the scum

blanch the bones to remove the scum

add water to 3/4 full

add water to 3/4 full

get your favorite meats and veggies for hotpot

get your favorite meats and veggies for hotpot


10 responses to “hotpot broth

  1. So just for me to be clear this recipe is for a broth and then you would have other prepared veggies, and protein that you would dunk into the boiling broth till they were cooked? I love this whole concept I can’t wait to try it 🙂

    • yes that’s correct! once the broth is cooked, we move the pot to a portable propane or electric burner on the dining table. this keep the broth simmering. then you would have raw veggies and protein that you want to eat on the table side. i recommend buying the thinly sliced meats so that you can cook them in a minute or two in the broth (such as thin sliced beef, lamb, pork belly). seafood works great too since it cooks fast. you can eat the cooked food as is, but usually we like to mix our own dipping sauce. this could be anything you like, such as a combination of soy sauce and chili sauce.

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