oxtail ravioli

ain’t gonna lie, making this dish does require time and effort. if you like oxtail like we do, then it’s well worth the work. oxtail is a tough piece of meat, filled with yummy connective tissue. so cooking it down will take time. using a pressure cooker will definitely be a plus here.

this is a winning recipe for “a culinary affair – recipe competition final” organized by elements, featured in foodie magazine‘s february issue!

oxtail 2 lb
large tomato 2
large carrot 1
celery 2 stalks
medium onion 1
garlic 4 gloves
red wine 1 bottle
tomato paste 2 tbsp

oxtail filling

  • season the oxtail with salt and pepper and sear them in a large pot on high heat with a generous amount of oil
  • once browned, set aside the oxtail
  • rough chop the vegetables and sauteed them in the same pot
  • deglaze with red wine, add the tomato paste, and toss the oxtail back into the pot (add water to barely submerge the oxtail, if necessary)
  • braise on low heat until soft, about 3 hours for ours (pressure cooker 1 hr)
  • once soft, remove the oxtail and separate the meat from the bones
  • set aside the meat (salt and pepper to taste if necessary) and toss the bones
  • save the pot of oxtail stock, it can be reduced further an used as a sauce


all-purpose flour 100 g
egg 1

  • prepare pasta dough with the recipe here
  • roll the dough into a thin pastry
  • cut it into 2 long strips, each at least 4 cm wide

putting them together

  • starting from one end, scoop 1 tablespoon of oxtail filling on one of the pasta strip
  • continue down the strip, each scoop about 3 inch apart the next
  • lay the other piece of pasta strip on top of the one with the oxtail filling
  • gently press the two strips together, especially around the filling, making it airtight
  • cut the pasta into squares (or use a circular press like we did)
  • use a fork to press the outer edges of the ravioli, sealing it in
  • cook 2-3 min in boiling salted water
  • reduce the oxtail stock to make a sauce, drizzle over the ravioli
rough chop the veggies

rough chop the veggies

brown those tails

brown those tails

pull the meat off the bone

pull the meat off the bone

a small scoop of meat filling

a small scoop of meat filling

make it as airtight as possible before cutting

make it as airtight as possible before cutting

press the edges with a fork

press with a fork to seal the edges

drizzle with the oxtail broth reduction and top with cheese

drizzle with the oxtail broth reduction and top with cheese



if you want to skip the pasta, make a mash instead. let the oxtail stew be the star! oh yeah, all those veggies having absorbed the beefy flavour. love it!


5 responses to “oxtail ravioli

  1. Thats looks really nice – I love oxtail, and I have been looking for ravioli recipes all day! (Then find this by accident as you like my post!)

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