avocado egg salad

an egg salad is commonly made with mayonnaise. but we’re creating a healthier version by substituting the mayo with creamy avocado. slather this on a slice of bread and you got yourself an open-faced avocado egg sandwich!

avocado 1
hard boiled eggs 3
juice of 1 lime
cilantro 1 bunch finely chopped
celery 1 stalk thinly chopped
garlic 1 clove finely chopped
salt 1 tsp
cumin 1/2 tsp
dried chili flakes 1/2 tsp
olive oil 2 tsp

  • mash the avocados in a bowl
  • chop the hard boiled eggs and add it to the bowl of avocados
  • add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl and mix thoroughly
  • salt and pepper to taste
healthy and simple to make

healthy and simple to make


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