scrambled eggs with chive flowers

aromatics, like onions and chives, are great to eat. but they certainly aren’t the best to smell, especially if it’s coming out of someone’s mouth. that’s why we would only make this dish if we were homebound and had no guests to entertain. chive flowers are sweet and tender. we like it better than the green chive leaves, which can be stringy and grassy. the flowers are seasonal, so they’re not always available at the wet markets. and it’s definitely not sold at the chain stores. if you can’t find them, then go with the green chive leaves. however, a better alternative is the yellow chive leaves. these are super tender since they lack chlorophyll, but are pricier though.

chive and scrambled eggs is a typical cantonese dish that is simple and quick to make, probably in 5 minutes. it’s good enough on it’s own, or as a side dish in a large family feast.

eggs 4
chive flowers small bundle
salt 1 tsp

  • wash and cut the chives into desired length
  • whip eggs in a bowl, add the salt and chopped chives
  • in an oiled pan, cook on medium-high heat for about 3-4 minutes, basically until the eggs are cooked
mix everything together

mix everything together

sweet yet pungent, in a good way

sweet yet pungent, in a good way



you know what else goes great with this? some pork belly. yes, we do love our pork. if you have any leftover strips of pork belly from last night’s hotpot, toss it in with this dish. make sure to cook the pork first and then mix it in with the eggs and chives. beef will work too!


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