ginger tea with honey and aloe vera

this concoction was inspired by the need of a natural home remedy. priscilla came down with a nasty case of the cold. we wanted to find a quick and easy way to boost her immune system naturally. just to give you an idea about us, we don’t take meds or visit doctors, especially not for something as trivial as the common cold. our immune system is strong enough to do its own battles. but it needs to be trained. just like building muscle, you have to push it and work it to make it stronger. the more meds we take, the more dependent and weaker our immune system becomes.

going through our fridge and pantry, we found some ingredients that we can turn into a “tea”. they are loaded with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. luckily, we recently foraged some aloe vera down the street, so that totally came in handy. there’s no exact measurements, just personal preference. for example, if you want a bolder ginger taste, then add more ginger, simple as that.

aloe vera

  • cut about a 2 inch block of ginger off from the main root
  • rough chop them into slices or strips
  • boil a pot of water, throw in the ginger
  • then simmer on low for about 10 min
  • let it cool down to a drinkable temperature, or just add ice
  • in a cup, add about a tablespoon of honey
  • cut a strip of fresh aloe vera from the main leaf, about an inch wide
  • cut off the green skin, you’ll be left with a very slimy clear jelly in the center
  • dice the  jelly center, add it to the cup of honey
  • pour in the ginger tea and mix
  • enjoy!
boil the ginger

boil the ginger

about a spoon of honey

about a spoon of honey

aloe vera slime

aloe vera slime

a cup full of goodies

a cup full of goodies



the aloe vera is very very slimy. it’s like runny mucous. and it doesn’t taste that great either. but the health benefits far outweigh the minor textural challenge.


ginger tea is very beneficial to ladies. every month, i am treated to a warm ginger tea with dried longan and brown sugar. in the chinese food therapy, the drink helps with relaxation and blood production.


6 responses to “ginger tea with honey and aloe vera

  1. Ginger and Garlic both are my go-to choices when I have a cold (like right now). Ginger and Honey in fresh lemon juice served up steaming hot is one of my favorites. I haven’t tried aloe vera yet, but I may be stuck on the slimy factor; however, I’ve known people who swear by drinking aloe vera juice as to its health benefits. I will be adding it to my repertoire soon. Love your site!

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