autumn picnic

written by priscilla

what is hong kong? financial hub, a concrete city with skyscrapers blocking the view of the sky… it is just one part of hong kong most people recognise. you might not know, but around 30% of hong kong’s land area is designated for country parks and natural reserves.

yesterday i went to inspirational lake with my girlfriends for a picnic. inspirational lake is conveniently located next to the disneyland resort. the mtr ride takes only 30 min from where i live. the area is huge. there is a constant stream of visitors but it is not crowded at all, compared to other places in hong kong. you could chill on the lawn, enjoy a lakefront walk, or pedal boat on the lake.

inspirational lake

inspirational lake

autumn has arrived and we were welcomed by cool breezes and warm sunshine. i had been looking forward to this since i initiated it 2 weeks ago. the day did not disappoint me in the slightest. it was so much fun! we enjoyed the food and drinks we each brought. we played card games, we talked, we laughed, and we took countless silly photos for the sake of being ridiculous.

smoked salmon, veggie dip, berries, cupcakes. how could a picnic go wrong <3

smoked salmon, veggie dip, berries, cupcakes. how could a picnic go wrong ❤

fresh mixed berries

fresh mixed berries

the taste of the food is undoubtedly essential in a meal. yet remember the purpose of eating is for pleasure. the environment, the company, the ambience, they all contribute to a good meal. the best meal i’ve had, or the most memorable meal, might not be at a 3-michelin star restaurant, but it’s the one made with love and care by my mom or with a bunch of good friends accompanied with plenty of laughter and conversations.

creating memories for tomorrow today

creating memories for tomorrow today

next time when you are looking for a change, step out of your dining room. think of what other “ingredients” you need for your meal.

p.s. special thanks to my friends gigi and rachel for taking these beautiful photos.

p.p.s. i wasn’t invited – jun (sad face)


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